The Skarri are the native race to the peninsula of Skarros. Skarri are reptilian bipeds, and are rarely more than one meter tall. They worship the Sickness, a gigantic corpse flower in the center of their ancestral lands.

Variations Edit

Skarri, more commonly known as Plague Skarri have two known subraces:

  • Sand Skarri
  • Sea Skarri

Plague Skarri Edit

Corpse-flower Guard Edit


Corpse-flower templar

This religious warrior-sect is tasked with protecting the Sickness from heretics, as well as guarding the mountain passes that are the land-based borders between Skarros and the Amas salt sea plains. They are based in a fortress monastery built inside the cadaver of a giant snake. As part of their initiation rituals, the guards are blessed with powerful mutagens by the herbalists, that serve to warp their minds and bodies to better serve the sickness.

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Herbalistic Society Edit


The Plague Skarri have lived so long in harmony with nature and most notable The Sickness, that they have gained extreme proficiency in the use of herbs, medication and mutagenics.

Sand Skarri Edit

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Sea Skarri Edit

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Geomancers Edit
To better work with the underwater materials of the Great Coral, the Sea Skarri adopted geomancy to magically alter their surroundings. This allowed for greater architecture and survivability.