The Thraggarosian Empire controls most of Bellyra, including the three cities Pripolis, Firmitas, Emberhold and Bloodstone.

Civilization Advancements Edit

War Culture Edit

the Voltan have, through centuries of war and strife, mastered the art of mass slaughter. They are great tacticians and mighty warriors. They are said to have invented military ranks and formations, especially the actions of Emperor Thragg are said to have laid the foundations of modern warfare.

Eugenics Edit

Through selective breeding, the Thraggarosians have bred out all traits seen as weak, making them greater warriors than any other nation could ever hope to match.

Great War Beasts Edit

The native beasts of Bellyra were domesticated by the Voltans of Thraggaros, being utilized to drag siege equipment and heavy mining carts in Firmitas.

Blood Magic Edit

Utilizing blood of unwilling slaves and gems, mainly from Bloodstone, the Thraggarosians performed rituals to prolong their lives and grant them supernatural powers.

Civilization Conquests Edit

Siege of Satama Edit

In year 2, the Empire conquered Satama in the Siege of Satama.

Nuovo Campaign Edit

The Nuovo Campaign was a failed campaign into the lands surrounding the human city Nuovo.

Voltan-Vuono Catastrophe Edit

In the year 132, the Thraggarosian Empire began their invasion of Arviko, which later became known as the Voltan-Vuono Catastrophe.